Welcome to Dixie Helps Writers

Why would a blog about writers feature an image of a camera zoom lens?  The writer, like the photographer, shows the audience a view through a unique lens. They use many of the same tools such as perspective, point of view, filters, color, and focus, to name a few. Even more important, they both need to stay on top of their craft to be successful.

A good writer, like any good artist, is always striving to improve. How to write more engaging characters? sharper settings? build more suspense? None of these questions has a unique answer. There are no definitive answers. Each author has ideas and guidelines that he or she finds useful. Many blogs, workshops, websites, books, courses online or in person, are dedicated to putting ideas for improvement in front of writers. Some of these ideas will be applicable to your writing, others may work best if you put your own twist on them, and still others won’t work for your genre or your style of writing—yet learning is never wasted.

Next month or next year you will be writing something that can use one of the tips you learn today. If you practice and make these ideas part of your toolkit, they will be there when you need them.

Here are this week’s picks of writing resources:



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