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Lot of room for improvement

My last blog announced two New Years Resolutions. I haven’t given up or abandoned them…yet. However, I have been procrastinating writing this blog of accountability, hoping to be able to announce a stellar performance. Three stars is not exactly stellar.

FIRST RESOLUTION: Reading for enjoyment
In nearly four months, I have read four and three halves books. I reviewed three of the books. The fourth book I considered mediocre so I did not review it. The fifth book I abandoned half way through. There are too many good books out there to waste my time on a book in which the main character annoyed me. I’m still working on the sixth book, but I put it down and started another one. I may pick it up again.

Helpful hint for writers: If you are going to write a book featuring someone who lies to her best friend, breaks promises, and lives like a slob, there better be a character arc that shows self-recognition of flaws and at least attempts at improvement if you want your reader to bond with the character. I skipped to the last chapter to find out whodunnit and found the character unchanged. So much for finding a series I could binge read.

SECOND RESOLUTION: Expand my reach as a writer
In February, I joined two other writers and did an online book launch for my new food memoir Breakfast in Palestine. This was a new experience, and it was a lot of fun. Terry Korth Fischer launched her debut mystery Gone Astray, and Linda Harris Sittig featured Counting Crows, the third book in her Threads of Courage series of historical novels.

Helpful hint for writers: You can always benefit from teamwork. We are not rivals, we are colleagues. We each have a unique platform and followers—even if our platform is small. In our case, we were writing in three different genres, yet our target readers were similar, and we would each benefit from the overlap.

Will I make my goals by the end of the year? I don’t know, but being a writer has taught me that success does not come without hard work. I will keep trying.

PS: If you have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment. Bear in mind, I want to read for enjoyment, and for me that means a happy ending (no romance, please).

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Founder of S & H Publishing, Inc. and author of four novels, Dixiane holds a PhD in Literacy and Adult Learning from George Mason University. She lives in rural Northern Virginia with her husband of 55 years and her cat named Dog.
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