Show Don’t Tell—Not Just for Novels

Heart And 3d Character Showing Love For Girlfriend It’s Valentine’s Day and you suspect a simple statement of love won’t win you any points today. The writers’ adage of “Show Don’t Tell” is true for love as well as for novels.

Roses or chocolate? Too cliche. Be creative. Give your sweetheart a gift of time. Take care of dinner. Chinese take-out with a candle can be more romantic than a crowded restaurant. Buy an ebook and let your sweetie lounge around with a good book while you do the chores.

Is your loved one a writer? an aspiring writer? Time to write is the most precious commodity for a writer. You can support the writer in your life in many ways.

  • What tedious and time-consuming chore can you take over to leave time for writing? Laundry? Grocery shopping? Dish washing?
  • Spend some time and money helping your writer learn more about the craft of writing.
    • Find some helpful books that are highly recommended. Steven King’s On Writing is one of my favorites, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King is another favorite.
    • The Chicago Manual of Style and Strunk & White’s Elements of Style  are great reference books.
  • Suggest your writer find a local (or an online) group of writers that meet once or twice a month. Writing is a solitary activity, and talking with other writers helps put things in perspective. It’s nice to bounce ideas around, share writing tips, and share your problems with others.
  • Find some online or local courses your writer would enjoy. Public libraries are good places to ask about local writing activities.
  • Show your writer some love by gifting something from the Short & Helpful Online Writer Workshops’ menu of short videos with personal feedback or one of the six month courses currently being offered. Six Months to Memoir is a step-by-step guide to writing memoir. The Author Marketing for Success course offers a full year of interaction with Deborah Riley-Magnus, a professional Author Success Coach.

Whatever your choice, remember that showing your love makes a lasting impression. Talking about it? Nice, but…you know…doesn’t win any medals.

Keep in touch and let us know how you showed your writer your love.


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Founder of S & H Publishing, Inc. and author of four novels, Dixiane holds a PhD in Literacy and Adult Learning from George Mason University. She lives in rural Northern Virginia with her husband of 55 years and her cat named Dog.
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