Who is stealing your time?

3d-character-robbing-a-businessman_G1G5C3Ru What do you do when you first sit at your computer in the morning?

If you’re anything like most people I know, you begin by checking your emails and messages. Well, I don’t do that now—I get right to work on the creative project of the day.

According to an article in Harvard Business Review, that is the time when we are most focused. “We have a window of about three hours when we’re really, really focused.”

Why should we waste a single minute of that deleting junk mail and answering email that can just as well wait a couple of hours? I don’t need to spend my best time dealing with people who are usually trying to separate me from my money, however worthy the cause. Yes, I do get emails that are important to me, but I think everyone knows that if it’s an emergency, the telephone still works.

But what about all the mundane tasks we can’t avoid doing in the productive early hours? That is when you try multi-tasking. Standing in a hot shower is the perfect place to plan your creative moves. Eating breakfast, riding to work, straightening the kitchen—all perfect places to nail down exactly what you intend to do when you finally sit down to work.

Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon? That’s the time to go into your email and deal with other people’s needs and wants. Don’t let other people steal your most productive time.

Keep in touch and let us know how you start your day.


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Co-Founder of the Short & Helpful Online Writer Workshops and author of four novels, Dixiane holds a PhD in Literacy and Adult Learning from George Mason University. She lives in rural Northern Virginia with her husband of 55 years and her cat named Dog.
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4 Responses to Who is stealing your time?

  1. Good points, working on becoming a morning person. I write best at night when it’s quiet and after I’ve had the days events to recount. When probably have to go back to full time work I’ll only have weekend mornings. As it is, WP takes Ali.of time, which I enjoy, but I have to prioritize my writing. I’m not even on social media. Don’t know how.peoole do it. Anyway, nice site! Thanks for liking my post.


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